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Flikit Business Card App
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Business card sharing

flikit’s business card killer features

Quality Networking.

Make lasting connections with anyone in seconds.

Share It All.

Share multiple social media accounts and contact information with anyone.

Simple Connections.

Connect via sms, suggestions, your Flikit code or email.

You Choose.

Add personal or professional information you may wish to share.

Store Everything.

Store every contact directly into your device ready for when you need it.

Be Selective.

Tailor what you share and with whom, unique to any situation you find yourself in.

Update Anytime.

Update any information you have shared and automatically push it across your 'Flikit Network'.

No Service.

Make connections even without a network signal.

No Cards.

Save the planet, money and time with Flikit, #NoMoreBusinessCards!

Full Security.

Be safe in the knowledge that your information is end-to-end encrypted.

Flikit Says Bye Bye To The Business Card

We have made it simpler than ever to make connections that last when networking. Never again will you lose contact due to a misplaced or outdated business card. Your informations changes, with Flikit everyone will know about it.

Contact sharing

Network anywhere, anytime

Interactions can happen in a heartbeat make sure you don’t lose the opportunity to follow up on them. Secure the connection in that moment with Flikit.

Connections can be made anytime

Network, connect & share from across the globe, not just when you are face to face. Networking is global, and we have a solution to connect us all.

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Flik-it Ltd – Brighton, UK

Email: info@fliksomething.com

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