New Features & A Fresh Look:

After many months and a lot of feedback from you all in The Flikit Network, we are glad to say that the new look and improved functionality for our Android users is now available to test on live beta 👾👾
Get your version HERE!

Improved Connection Times

Contact sharing

We have sped up the time it takes for a user to connect with another by including into Flikit. Just click, download and connect, easy!

Far quicker than exchanging a business card and storing the information in your device later wouldn’t you say? 😏

 Single Tap Sign-Ups

Easy contact sharing

With the inclusion of one tap sign-ups from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn you can register an account and benefit from Flikit in a single click 💥


Cut Exchanging Times

Contact sharing app

We have now managed to shorten sharing times in low signal areas.

Loading times have now be halved and are almost instant in most cases 😱

A Fresh New Look

With all these improvements we thought it best to make your accounts stand out that little bit more. You will now see icons replacing text keys ✨

Even with the launch of these functionality changes, there will inevitably be tweaks we need to make.

These are not possible without the continuing help from you all.

We appreciate every second spent using the app, reviewing it and submitting your feedback, so please do keep it up so we can make Flikit that little bit better every time.


Remember, just shake the device in-app to send us your thoughts instantly.


Adios for now from FlikitHQ 👋🏽👋🏽

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