No more problems with sharing contacts! Every year thousands of people attends various conferences across the world. But to connect with each other they still use the same old business cards in this digital age. These cards get lost and we might lose an important contact. Let’s digitalize this.
If you agree with that, sharing and saving contact details to digital address books is still a tedious pain even in this day and age, you’ll be happy to meet my new buddy, which offers a ridiculously simple and effective way of frictionless, cross-platform sharing of contact information on the Web. The idea behind this service is simple: giving people and companies a way to share contact information so their connections can easily save it to any address book, and keep up-to-date on eventual changes. Enter any contact details you would like to exchange at any given time. You’ll be able to tailor what you share and with whom. This includes phone numbers, emails, addresses, and multiple social profiles, even on the same platform. Sharing your details with another user is as simple as a quick scan. Even non-users can receive all your shared information via SMS or email.
Easily stay connected with all your contacts. Store and organize all your contacts’ information in a secure cloud. All data is accessible whenever you need it, anytime-anywhere. Easy to use and very convenient way to keep everything in one place. We all need to collaborate with contacts whether at the workplace, at home or between friends. Now you can do this without visiting, calling and interrupting people. Collectively build an up-to-date list of common contacts between friends, family or colleagues. It is obsessed with speed, productivity and for easy access. No more trading phones to enter in numbers or exchanging business cards. It can provide you a facility to save them in your phone.
In the existence of Flikit: Network & Share Easily you need not to waste your time and money on printing paper visiting cards or business cards. Just install it and you can easily share all your contact information including mobile, work and home phone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses, websites and social media profiles. Save and store all your contacts direct to your device, ready to be reached when needed.
It’s time to say no to conventional business cards and grow your network using our virtual, digital biz cards. It’s perfect for entrepreneurs, the regular Networker, and salespeople to have it on their devices. Create your virtual visiting biz cards and use your Flikit code reader scanner, SMS or email to share them instantly.
Save, store, exchange! Download this free app right now.

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