It all started out of frustration and a desire to create lasting meaningful connections…


In a world where we are practically glued to our devices, whether it’s tweeting, connecting on LinkedIn, or sending a follow up email to someone you were just in a meeting with. Why in a digital world are we still handing out business cards to make connections? Searching on individual social profiles for one another, is this not a bit behind the times and not in line with the digital networking world we all live in now??

Ok, so there are a few options, but they all have limitations that hinder us, the digital age is about making our lives easier, is it not? What if I want to share my LinkedIn, Twitter and my personal email to someone I just met??

“Hold on a second there, do you have a pen handy so I can jot my twitter handle on the back of my businesses card, or could you spare 5 minutes so we can search for me on them both?”

Well this is where it started for me and the person I wanted to connect with. I was at a festival enjoying the reason I was there, the music, the sun, the atmosphere and something most important to me, socialising and meeting new people. After a long chat over the current situation in which we found ourselves and finding out we had mutual interests other than music it was time to step it up a gear, move to the next stage and hit each other up on FB, easy right?? Wrong!

The internet was sluggish, and even when we did finally get on he couldn’t find me through the mass of users that came up, for we had no friends in common. Sadly being my name, before me and my wife married was so common 1000’s of results appeared. So where did that leave us? Well it resulted in us having to exchange numbers and pick it up when we were away from the festival vibes and hoards of people FaceTiming and sending snaps on Snap Chat.

So the question again, why is there not an easier way to share all of this? Tailor it to any situation, share my work number, with my personal FB or any other combination I desired, well there is, and it’s called Flikit! An app created out of fustration and a desire to make networking more seamless when we connect on social media and exchange our contact information.

After the festival the idea wasn’t immediately born, it felt more like a little itch I couldn’t scratch. I knew there was an issue here I just didn’t have the know how to create something.

The Conception


A few weeks later my wife and I were travelling back from seeing family in Cornwall, (we live in Brighton, UK) a good 5–7 hour journey depending on traffic… Perfect! Time to fuel up on some high quality Costa coffee from the filling station vending machine and a hard slog to find a solution to the issue we and many others faced.

Issues raised;

  • A need to share contact and social media information
  • Share multipule amounts of info in one go
  • Tailor what was shared to each situation
  • Ability for it to be stored digitally
  • A way for it to be updated if the info changed
  • Make connection possible without signal
  • Make it quick and easy to use
  • Allow users to share their information with non users

All in all, create an app that would let you exchange what you wanted, with whoever you wanted, and make meaningful connections that last!

We came up with ‘Flik’ as we liked the idea of “Flik me your email and FB”. Sadly Flickr were having non of it and we quickly moved to ‘Flikit’.


The Concept


It’s simple. Make networking easy, quick and not time consuming. No one wants to return home or to the office and input the data of 10 business cards they have just collected in to their phone or computer…

I would love to hear from someone who says they do!

C’mon people! We have moved on in the way we network but we still hold on to a piece of card that makes us feel we have made a better connection becuase we exchanged it, well I say that’s rubbish! I would prefer to save time and be safe in the knowledge that if they change their number, email or any other part of their info I will know about it. Gone are the times of a drawer full of cards given over the years and hidden for years to come.

I don’t want this to sound like a pitch, more an insight into where it all started for us, the seed that was planted and left to slowly grow until those few hours driving home.

Its now been 23 months since we came up with that idea and it was finally conceived in mid August, with the release of 2.0 shortly, benefiting businesses as well as more features for the average user. More info on the benefits to businesses can be found here!

If you are interested to find out what Flikit is all about please check us out!

I have not done a blog post before so this is something new and I hope you can look past some of the substandard blogging.

Feedback is always wanted so please feel free to get in touch, good or bad, on the blog, the app or whatever tickles your fancy.

Thanking you all for your time and making it this far on my first blog post 😉

Bradley Tayne

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