So you were ambitiously dedicated and extremely excited to extract the best out of that fancy seminar or conference, but eventually it all piled up into a mess and you did not realize what you actually gained. So, let’s accept it. Networking events come with the promise of a plenty of potential, but the attendees are seldom able to grab that potential. Luckily for you, here is a comprehensive guide that can direct you to better and absolutely more fulfilling conference experiences.

Prepare in advance

This sounds like a hackneyed advice, but preparing things in advance works every single time on possible levels. Networking events generally involve a great number of participants and also diverse objectives. Just figure out the reason why this event is important for you and how to stay on track with those reasons.

Free some mindshare

Before members start pouring in, make sure you as of now have an unmistakable understanding of the sessions that will happen. By achieving early you can make someone aware yourself with the path around the scene so you don’t face trouble exchanging among various assembly lobbies and rooms.

If you are with a team -Strategize

The best part about exhibitions and seminars is that there is too much to absorb in and the ones who know how to make the most of it can gain the best out of it. In case you are with a team, have a good plan or a strategy in place as to what all sessions required to be attended by whom. Also, how to create the desired web of network by coordinating within the group.

Be Visible

You don’t formally require to be a facilitator or a presenter, but by asking relevant questions, by actively attending the talks, by beginning constructive discussions during breakout sessions you can be more visible. Don’t just attend the conference, take part in it.

Absorb and let seep in

This is the most vital part of attending any networking event. You learn a lot throughout the event, you make a lot of contacts as well, but you soon lose hold of it. Always make notes during networking events and to get visibility, keep updating your social networking handles with information, so that this useful data stays with you and also shared with others. Another reason why you miss the contacts you make, is sharing business cards inefficiently. At such networking events, business cards can literally be seen flying from one hand to another. You come back with a heap of business cards with no idea on sorting and with no memory of who all you shared your own business card with.

Did someone say Digital Business Card?

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