That’s it we have done it…🎉🎊

We have launched a better functioning beta version with a new look, that is more simplified and it’s ready for live testing 😃

After many weeks of tweaks and feedback from all of you, we have implemented the changes we see as necessary to improve the service we supply to you all.

Because of this, we can finally unveil; The World’s Best Business Card Alternative, that offers 0 waste 🚯📲✅ GetMyNewBusinessCard

Improvements we have made

Faster sign-up, sharing and connections times;

– One touch sign-ups with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, meaning users can experience the benefits Flikit has to offer with a couple of clicks ✔
– One click to connect URL’s and Flikit codes thanks to the integration with This means that connections with the people that matter most can happen in a Flik! Just scan or click, connect and share, it’s that simple ✔

Now saying bye bye to the business card is easier than it has ever been 💯💯

Get your free version now and come join the Flikit revolution 👇🏽#NoMoreBusinessCards!👇🏽


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