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How To Make The Most Out Of Any Networking Event

So you were ambitiously dedicated and extremely excited to extract the best out of that fancy seminar or conference, but eventually it all piled up into a mess and you did not realize what you actually gained. So, let’s accept it. Networking events come with the promise of a plenty…
Easy Contact Sharing Solution

No more problems with sharing contacts! Every year thousands of people attends various conferences across the world. But to connect with each other they still use the same old business cards in this digital age. These cards get lost and we might lose an important contact. Let's digitalize this. If…
No need to come back and click 👇🏽

Integrating with has simplified our connection process even further ⚡⚡ We are excited to announce that receiving shared information from another user or business has now got even easier. Connecting is as easy as a tap of a finger to start experiencing how much better Flikit is compared to…