Hi to you all, a little progress report after some great feedback we received from The FlikitNetwork.

After listening to your thought on how we can better the sign-up process and make the registration smoother, we are going to include a ‘Let’s get started’ screen.

You will see this as soon as you have signed up, just before the tutorial screens. It will ask you to add some very basic information in the hope this will improve the sign-up experience.

It will include the option to add:

  • User image
  • Personal; Number, mobile, email, address
  • Work; Number, mobile, email
  • Other; Number and email
  • Social; FB, Twitter, Instagram

If you feel we should include anything else, let us know.

We look forward to rolling it out and gaining feedback on your experience with it.

Over and out, FlikitHQ 👋🏽

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